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Malbec Madness

Malbec is a rich, dark wine that pairs well with heartier dishes.

The last few years have seen an explosion in malbec sales as this once under-appreciated grape has finally found a fan base in the U.S.

Though many wineries have been using this grape more for blending, it shouldn’t be long before you start seeing more and more California malbecs on the shelves. Until then, there is no better spot than Argentina for this grape that thrives in sunny, hot climates.

What once was a popular grape for Bordeaux wines because of its ability to add color to the wines, malbecs started to lose vineyard space as farmers struggled to keep the vines healthy in the temperamental weather of France. Finally, a severe frost in the 1950s sealed its fate as merlot and cabernet franc showed to be more resilient.

Fortunately for us, Argentina has the perfect climate for this grape, and the results are a delicious, rich, dark quaff that begs for red meat.

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