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Sharp-Dressed Man

Alfani Jacket: $69.98 Shirt: $49 Pants: $29.98

Roy Skibbe, owner of Gipper Formal Wear in Crystal Lake, says the driving force behind the fashion styles for men today can be summed up in two words: pop culture.

“People visible in pop culture, basically whatever they wear, that’s where the fashion goes,” he says. Wondering what the current suit styles are? Just tune into what any late night talk show host is wearing on television.

“Especially Jay Leno,” Skibbe says of the former host. “[He was] really spot-on as far as fashion.” The trend in suits today beckons back to the 1950s.

“The suits are shorter, closer fitting and more tailored,” Skibbe says. “And the pants are narrower at the bottom, closer to the ankle. That’s what’s happening.”

This look especially appeals to the younger crowd.

“We just went through prom season, and a lot of the younger guys wanted the skinny pants look and a tighter coat,” Skibbe says.

Tips for a sharp-dressed man When it comes to men’s attire, Skibbe says a big no-no in his book is mixing semi-formal, informal and formal looks, especially for wedding parties.

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