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Homes with History

The living room of Tom and Barbara Conley’s 1856 federal style home in Huntley is part of the original structure owned by Thomas Stillwell Huntley, the community’s namesake. In 1906, Huntley’s brother-in-law extensively renovated the home and brought in lot of upgrades, including the fireplace, Barbara Conley says. (Photos by Melissa Emory)

If the modern real estate mantra is “location, location, location,” McHenry County’s historic homes add a few more Desirable Traits: Charming. Unique. Comfortable. characteristic.

Throughout McHenry County, painted lady Victorians, cozy bungalows and classic all-American four squares, some complete with a spacious welcoming front porch, remind us of the way life used to be — even if we’re too young to remember it. 

Step inside, as three residents share what they love about their historic homes.

1882 Steamboat Gothic
Blake Mueller didn’t expect to become a homeowner a few days before Christmas in 1976, but the young man’s purchase of a ramshackle Woodstock house launched a passion that has lasted for more than three decades.

“I have such a love for this house and all the background of it,” Mueller says.

The house was a weathered duplex with an overgrown yard, yet Mueller saw its potential.

“I doubted I could afford it, but the owners encouraged me to make an offer,” he says. “I did, they snapped it up and I had myself a house.”

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