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All In A Days Work

Dennis Svehla of Harvard (center) performs as Denny Diamond and the Family Jewels — a band that recreates the music of Neil Diamond. Pictured with him are his two sons, Lucas and Spenser. ((Photo provided))

McHenry County Residents Carve Out Unique Careers

Finding a great career can mean more than scanning a few “hottest jobs” lists. Creativity, talent and passion have helped these McHenry County professionals find success in careers that are slightly off the beaten path.

Sticking to it Many discover a new career while reaching for the skies, but Gina Kappler of McHenry found hers while looking down. 

“I was coming out of an ice cream shop, and I noticed all these black spots on the sidewalk,” the 49-year-old says. “It just looked nasty. Before long, I started seeing them everywhere, and I thought, ‘Someone could make a business out of this.”

In 2012, Kappler did just that, launching The Gum Gal, which specializes in removing chewing gum from sidewalks, furniture and carpet; graffiti removal; and cleaning and sterilizing tile and grout.

She uses a dry vapor steam machine, which uses just eight gallons of water and no harsh chemicals.

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