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Wedding? Wonderful!

Strapless wedding gowns — such as this one at Kathryn’s — are perennially popular. (Photo by MELISSA EMORY)

Planning a beautiful wedding can be easy when you know where to go, and McHenry County residents are fortunate to have some of the Chicago area’s top wedding service providers close to home. 

What’s new for Bridal Season 2013 and beyond?

A few local wedding pros weigh in.

A Formal Invitation Old world, upscale, crisp and classic are all ways to describe wedding invitation trends for 2013.

“It’s no longer bad taste to spend money on a formal affair,” says Anna Novak, invitation manager with Kathryn’s Bridal and Dress Shop in McHenry. “During the recession, it seemed like things were simpler, but now it’s trending back.”

Novak credits the British royal wedding as one of the driving forces behind the resurgence in formal looks, but destination weddings still call for something more casual.

As with bridesmaids’ dresses, this year’s hottest color is navy blue.

“It’s the new black,” Novak says.

One trend that isn’t connecting with local brides is a shift to electronic invitations and online guest list management.

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