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Think Outside The Gym

Linda Costoff says hooping works the core, arms, shoulders and more. (Photo by Jeff Krage)

Hunter Mitchell of Spring Grove never considered herself a fitness person.

But when she noticed people at techno concerts performing dances with lighted hula hoops, she was intrigued. 

An Internet search led her to a Lake in the Hills fitness studio where she’s found a new way to exercise.

“It’s fun, and I like finding new tricks to try,” says Mitchell, a McHenry County College student, who started taking hoop classes at Intrigue Fitness in September.

She also was surprised to discover that swinging a hoop around her waist, shoulders and arms provides a rigorous workout.

“After the first class I was hurting, and I saw that it was a real workout,” she says.

Mitchell has noticed that her arms have more definition and her midsection is more toned.

“Needless to say, I’m very happy about that,” she says.

If the new year has you looking for new fitness ideas, McHenry County has plenty of options. Whether your goal is weight-loss, stress loss or expressing a new side of yourself, check out one of these great new — and maybe unconventional — exercise options.

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