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Drink & Be Merry

After New Year’s Eve, drinks may be the last thing on your mind.

However, there’s not a better time than a new year to upgrade your beverage bill of fare.

Everyone with a pulse knows that water leads the list of healthy drinks, but it’s not easy to down seven to eight glasses of the lackluster liquid every day, not to mention incessant trips to the restroom. 

Let’s go beyond advertisements, television commercials and press releases to get the low down on liquids. Our expert says that there are pros and cons to everything we drink, and each individual should weigh the options based on their lifestyle.

From awful to awesome, here’s our hierarchy of drinks!

Worst Soft drinks Whether you call it soda or pop, don’t call it your drink of choice.

According to Meg Burnham, a registered dietitian with Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Centers in Crystal Lake and Huntley, clear colas tend not to have phosphoric acid or caffeine and probably won’t stain your teeth, but there’s still the issue of tooth decay from sugar if you’re guzzling the stuff. 

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