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Diamond Delight

(Photos by Melissa Emory)

Jewelers Share Holiday Trends For hundreds of years, the diamond has been the stone of choice for engagement rings, an eternal symbol of love for its durability, says Steve Dalzell, owner of Dalzell Jewelers in Crystal Lake.

This holiday season, the diamond’s brilliance — and colors like blue and pink — are also expected to shine as coveted gifts, Dalzell and area jewelers agree.

Choosing to travel internationally to buy diamonds, Dalzell says he goes right to the source to bring the most rare diamonds to his store.

“The world’s supply of diamonds is traded in Belgium,” says Dalzell, who actually has an office there and is a certified gemologist through American Gem Society and a graduate gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America. “I don’t have to just look at [diamonds] imported to this country, which is what most stores do ... we go direct, which allows me to pick the best stones.”

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