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Living Life To The Fullest

Mykenzie, Bryce and Madisyn Selof play a video game while Max looks on. (Photo by Jeff Krage)

In many ways, Bryce Selof of Wonder Lake is like any other 10-year-old boy.

But there’s something about Bryce that makes him different from other boys his age. He was diagnosed with autism when he was in preschool.

“They saw habits and behaviors that represented symptoms of autism,” says Bryce’s mom, Christine.

Since his diagnosis, Christine became educated about autism and worked with Bryce’s school district to get him the proper care and treatment to help him succeed.

“His brain is always going, and sense is a huge thing for Bryce,” Christine says. “So sitting on a bean bag chair or playing with rubber bands at his desk with his feet help to calm him.”

Bryce attends regular classes at Greenwood Elementary School in Woodstock. But he does have special reading classes and speech and occupational therapy as well.

“His speech isn’t great, so it’s hard for him to communicate,” Christine says. “So he reacts by running away, hiding or having a fit.”

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