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Faith reflection: New ideas for the new school year

Back-to-school supplies are prominent in every store I visit and every ad I see. Once again I gave in to my niece’s “need” for a new pack of crayons for school, even though there are already more crayons in the house than the kids will ever use.

There is something exciting and satisfying about new beginnings — writing on the first page of a brand-new notebook, putting your name in the first user’s space in a new textbook and, yes, I admit, picking up a new pack of crayons, opening the flap (it hasn’t fallen off from overuse yet) and finding 24 perfect crayons awaiting my creative whim.

Educational training camp has started for a new season. It will take students (players), teachers (coaches) and parents (fans) to succeed on the field. During the season, we’ll most likely all trade places. Students will become teachers, teachers will become fans, and parents will become the best of students. They’ll work on skills that will help teach to change, grow, and become learners for life.

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